LG reportedly planning own smart watch

By Samantha Loveridge 26 March 2013 (TrustedReviews)

LG Logo

LG Logo

LG is reportedly developing its own smart watch to rival the heavily rumoured Apple iWatch, Google Samsung smartwatch. 

According to a source “familiar with the matter” speaking to The Korea Times, LG is working on a smartwatch that could potentially run either the Android or Firefox operating system. 

“It is one major part of many currently non-commercialised products under development by LG Electronics,” said a source. “The company has spared no efforts to invest in products that it believes are must-haves to stay ahead technology wise in the market, whatever the situation may be.”

“LG recognizes that it is always important to develop products for the future.”

Although the reported touch screen device hasn’t been confirmed by LG, the company is well-equipped to offer such a product due to the fact it manufacturers a variety of smart device parts. 

“Samsung and LG have an upper hand in that they control most of the needed parts for a product like smart wristwatches,” said an executive of a local Korean parts supplier to Samsung.

Apple and Google would have to find suppliers for all the components required for such a device. 

LG has actually already made a wristwatch phone in the form of the LG GD910 Watch Phone, which included voice control, camera, music player, BlueTooth and 3G connectivity. It didn’t do very well though, due to its unattractive, chunky design and £850 price tag.

The most advanced smartwatch offering so far is the Pebble, a smartwatch built using a battery-saving e-Ink display and linking to an Android or iPhone handset via Bluetooth. 

Samsung is currently the only electronics manufacturer to confirm it is producing a smartwatch, but has yet to release any details on how, when or in what form it will launch. 

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