LG G Arch smartwatch to be unveiled at MWC 2014?

By Luke Johnson 28 December 2013 (TrustedReviews)

LG smartwatch

LG G Arch smartwatch

LG is on the verge of re-entering the smartwatch race, with the company widely expected to unveil its mooted LG G Arch device at MWC 2014.

With the company having launched a watch-based phone back in 2009, the Korean manufacturer got a dramatic jump on the now blossoming smartwatch sector, and, according to latest reports will now re-enter the race with a new Samsung Galaxy Gear rival.

Although little is currently known about the LG G Arch, it has been suggested that the smartwatch would be compatible only with LG branded smartphones, in much the same vein as the Galaxy Gear only works with select Samsung handsets.

While LG has yet to confirm the existence of such a product, given the mooted Arch name, it has been hinted that the techy timepiece could boast a curved touchscreen display. This, however, should be taken with a considerable pinch of salt.

As well as a Sony Smartwatch 2 rivalling smartwatch, LG is also expected to announce a second wearable gadget at the Barcelona-based show in the form of the LG G Health.

As you might expect from such a named device, the LG G Health will reportedly act as a direct rival to the Nike FuelBand, offering fitness and wellbeing tracking directly from your wrist.

Earlier in the year, speaking exclusively with TrustedReviews from the company’s HQ in Seoul, South Korea, LG executives suggested that the company was still pursuing the smartwatch scene.

“We will look at any opportunities,” Dr Ramchan Woo, LG’s Head of Mobile Planning told us. He added: “Any sort of opportunity we are looking at, it is not simply yes, but it’s simply not no. We are looking at different opportunities.”

With MWC 2014 expected to see a number of high-profile devices unveiled from a flurry of leading manufacturers, the mobile-based show will be held between February 24 and 27.